Obesity is one of world’s main problems at this moment. Its relation as a strong risk factor for a various degenerative diseases has put obesity as mutual problem which needs to be handled together. Increment of obesity prevalence from year to year has been followed by the increment of degenerative disease prevalence. Actions to reduce prevalence of degerative diseases through prevention, promotive, and curative approach (Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular diseases) should be started with actions to reduce prevalence of obesity.

The process of obesity and degenerative diseases are started from fetal growth. Good nutrition during pregnancy can prevent low birth weight baby, which condition can lead to obesity and degenerative diseases in the future (Barker’s Hypothesis). The next step is to provide nutritious food to support growth of child and adolesce, as well as promote healthy life style. Preventive and promotive approach need a good understanding from stakeholders and policy makers in order to provide a proper policy. On the other hand, an appropriate management is needed to treat patients who suffered from obesity and other degerative diseases to avoid greater harm. Therefore, management of obesity requires “holistic approach” which cover preventive, promotive, and curative actions, involving experts from multi-disciplines, government, industry, and other organisations which care about obesity and its related diseases.

Asia-Oceania Conference of Obesity (AOCO) is a biennial event supported by AOASO (Asia Oceania Association for the Study of Obesity).  In 2013, the 7th AOCO will be held in Bandung, Indonesia–hosted by ISSO (Indonesian Society for the Study of Obesity), with theme: The Holistic Approach of Obesity and Related Diseases in the Asia-Oceania Perspective: Insight on Local Resources  for Management of Obesity and Related Diseases. 

The event will be an excellent scientific meeting, valuable for a wide range of disciplines from within and outside the country, ranging from a general practitioner, medical specialist (internal medicine, clinical nutrition, cardiovascular, pediatrics, gynecology obstetrics, surgery), nutritionist, nurse, epidemiologists, policy makers and those who want to discuss the latest developments in the field of obesity and its related diseases. This 7th AOCO  event will also held product exhibition which showcased the latest development of assessment tools, medicine, or nutritional products, and local resources associated with managing obesity and its related diseases.

The 7th AOCO, 2013 will be held in Bandung, Indonesia which has unique traditional arts and culture, as well as culinary diversity, which is very wellknown in Indonesia. This is in line with the theme of 7th AOCO, 2013, the Insight on local resources.

Gaga Irawan Nugraha

Conference Director

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